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Kenhtè:ke Kanyen'kehà:ka Food Sovereignty Project

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Copy of Email Response to Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program | Environmental Public Health Division

Indigenous Services Canada

Good morning,

I understand that you have guidelines in which you are meant to follow, but that does not make them or your decision just. Ones who marched for the third reich were also just doing their jobs, and in doing so oppressed millions. The residential school system was so admired by Himmler and Hitler that they copied them in the form of concentration camps. They marked Jewish peoples the same way Indigenous peoples here were numbered.


We're planning a fundraiser for October. Its a Halloween event and we're looking for vendors (free to set up). Food trucks are welcome, and we have lots more planned. Date is October 28th, 2023.


We have completed and submitted a grant called Carrot Cashe yesterday, and starting a new one due at the end of this month called Freedonia.

We still need to raise the funding to put the greenhouse up, install the garden boxes, and fill them with soil and organic materials. We will also be starting the circle gardens this year, two of which will be memorial gardens for some of our community members that have passed on.

Seeds get started at the end of this month so we're going to have a committee meeting here in Tyendinaga with some who have volunteered.

Nick LaMarsh
Kiara M

We'll be starting seeds next month, if you are able to contribute seeds for bell peppers, oregano, rosemary, and thyme please let us know! We will also need indoor grow lights.

The Credible Mohawk
January 19, 2023 · changed the group description.

Welcome to the group! This space is designated to the KFSP. You can volunteer, make suggestions, post related pictures and videos, or just keep up to date!

Renee Brant


    Welcome to the group! This space is designated to the KFSP. ...


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