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Métis on Turtle Island

“We grew up knowing full well who is Métis, what is Métis — it’s that sense that we grew up in a specific place - It’s a land-based identity.”

~Blake Desjarlais; Fishing Lake, Alberta

"RIEL, LOUIS, Métis spokesman, regarded as the founder of Manitoba, teacher, and leader of the North-West rebellion; b. 22 Oct. 1844 in the Red River Settlement (Man.), eldest child of Louis Riel* and Julie Lagimonière, daughter of Jean-Baptiste Lagimonière* and Marie-Anne Gaboury*; m. in 1881 Marguerite Monet, dit Bellehumeur, and they had three children, the youngest of whom died while Riel was awaiting execution; d. 16 Nov. 1885 by hanging at Regina (Sask.)"

"Canada’s “myth of benevolence” – the belief that the country was created peacefully, without conflict or coercion – by showing how the pass system was devised in direct response to colonial conflict. Ex-Indian Agent Hayter Reed proposed the system in the aftermath of the War of 1885, which saw warriors, led by Louis Riel, do battle with Canadian forces over the expropriation of Indigenous lands"

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