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Condolence is Decolonization of 'Decolonization'

De·col·o·ni·za·tion /dēˌkälənəˈzāSH(ə)n,dēˌkäləˌnīˈzāSH(ə)n/ noun noun: decolonization; noun: decolonisation

The action or process of a state withdrawing from a former colony, leaving it independent."they thought they could assist the process of decolonization and local self-determination" ~From Oxford

Since colonization spilled over throughout into Europe and across the seas and oceans, Indigenous peoples have been facing the same challenge worldwide: the decimation of their spiritual beliefs and values by the burning, destruction, genocide and becoming insecure and denouncing those with a spiritual connection to creation.

This is done consciously as some fear what they do not understand, and the path to intellect and spirituality has been denounced onto a spectrum of disbelief and psychosis; the spirits of the people need to be healed as part of decolonization.

Speak the words of your ancestors as we are all just conduits for the energies that be to care for the Earth and preserve the safety and security of all creation for the next seven generations. Let the energies of the ancestors guide you, and never forget that they surround you constantly.

Remember everything that has been done for the very right for the people to be able to be able to learn their languages, which are the foundation and gateway to spirituality.

Haudenosaunee Traditional Council Meeting

Sha'tekayenton Brant

Journal of Genocide Research (2006), 8(4), December, 387–409; Settler colonialism and the elimination of the native PATRICK WOLFE

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