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Indigenous Education

Enrich your classroom, school, or community group with a presentation or workshop on Indigenous culture, language, worldviews, and beliefs. All programs are designed using the Ontario Curriculum for students in grades 1-12, combined with Traditional Indigenous Knowledge. All workshops can be modified to suit adult classrooms and groups.

Sha'tekayen:ton has been in Indigenous education for 14 years, with a Diploma in Kanyen'keha from Trent University and currently enrolled in the Indigenous Teacher Education Program through Queen's University. Also currently teaching language and culture at Ohahase Education Centre, co-founder of the One Dish Project, Kenhte:ke Paranormal Society, and Two Row Coffee & Tea Company.

All programs are delivered by Sha'tekayen:ton (Turtle Clan) and his wife Renee (Wolf Clan), One Dish Project Co-Founder and operator of the donation page. Each workshop includes a visual/physical art project and/or wampum stringing.

Rotinonhsyon:ni Creation Story

Learn the Rotinonhsyon:ni (aka Haudenosaunee) Creation Story from a Kanyen'keha:ka (Mohawk People) perspective. The story begins in the world across the sky. While searching for root medicines, the ground opens up beneath her and a woman falls to an aquatic world below. With the help of different animals, including the Canadian Goose, she created Turtle Island.


Story of the Peacemaker

The journey of the Peacemaker begins in Kenhte:ke, also known as Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory. Discover his early life before he left Eagle Hill to deliver a message to warring Nations across a span of five different territories, with his first stop at Kanyen'keha:ka Territory.


Structure of the Rotinonhsyon:ni Confederacy

Learn about how the Rotinonhsyon:ni Confederacy and the roles and responsibilities of the people, Clan Mothers, Chiefs. Make connections to how it affects everything from upholding the Kayanere'ko:wa in Grand Council to daily decision making among the people of the Confederacy.


Wampum Talk

Discover the importance of wampum among Indigenous people, more specifically the Rotinonhsyon:ni. Understand the Dish With One Spoon, Hiawatha Belt, and Two Row agreement through stories. This workshop includes a wampum stringing, which will give you a better understanding of the importance of wampum, and something personal for you to keep forever. 

Get in Touch

To for any inquiries or to book a workshop or speaking event, please contact 

Any workshops or presentations run 1-2 hours and need to be booked at least two weeks before the event.

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