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Identity is the only thing that is true, and understanding the world around you will only enable you to become a whole person. Feeding the mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects of your self is just as important as the physical aspect. Understanding and tolerance of others and the ability to respect all others and learn rather than resent and hold on hard feelings is the only way we can all progress in peace.

In a simpler time things will be more difficult, as we are used to everything passing us by; now we are forced to sit and look at creation in its entirety and observe the powerful certainty of continuation, no matter what we as humans do. The only thing that can be done is work with creation, this means speaking with our ancestors through our actions. It means letting them guide you to do what is right, because you can hear them on the wind; the birds are bringing the songs and messages of peace once again. Now is the time for us all to listen to creation and begin putting in what we expect in return, gratitude.

A good mind, peaceful direct action, power and empowerment, the strength to move forward as individuals bound by one mind, one heart, and one goal. The next seven generations and the well-being of all the people, the truth about Indigenous peoples and not just the songs and dances. I will be uploading each week of live videos in a post like this, and will be catching up on the rest so keep an eye on social media for more.

During the RCMP and OPP invasions on Indigenous lands in Canada, I was asked to continue speaking to our issues and helping people better understand situations. This task I do not take lightly, as when asked by the people it is a duty and I am happy to continue speaking every day and sharing what I learn. In doing this I encourage everyone who sees and hears these words to remember who they are and their roles and responsibilities within creation and duties that we were all specifically given.

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