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Elderberries - Ancestral Indigenous Knowledge

Seeking out the stories of our elders, because just like the berry they keep us healthy and whole! This is an opportunity for Indigenous elders to tell their traditional stories and have their voices heard. The next Seven Generations rely on the wisdom of our elders in the continuity of our Identities as individual Nations. This is a call to the people to assist any elders that may need help getting their messages heard, it can be written or sent in by video at

This is a White Stone Canoe Peace Project showcasing the Indigenous ancestral knowledge and wisdom for all to see. In unity we proceed as a society and through knowledge and understanding of other people and nations builds our foundation of self-identity and confidence to rise up.

A new story will be posted onto and shared to all platforms for the world to enjoy the wisdom of Indigenous people everywhere, every day. Topics can include absolutely anything that the elder deems relevant to speak about, because it is their voice!

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