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Reclaiming Identity

In time people will look back and wonder why their ancestors handed power to some they knew could abuse it. Not even knowingly those people that wield this power only do it because they are in fact cowards, afraid of identity and what the Real people are capable of in the realities of freedom. The truth is that the only Real people are the ones who know the progress of the self, not the selfish, to be whole in one self is to be successful and right

Killing of others in the name of what is right and just is something of an ancient way but misunderstood in the eyes of justice, as the names of Gods and Goddesses have been taken and raped just as the people of the world by those that have come from the prophecy of Indigenous peoples everywhere of the Darkness. In this, the killing of others is not always physical but spiritual and those people that are appropriating our ancestral traditional governance will become violently ill, the ancestors have spoken and many are listening. It is time for all of us to rise up.

The peoples of the Stars, Earth, Wind, and Elements beyond must see what their identity is and destroy the tyrannical force that is held onto so dearly yet has been a cancer eating away from seed to adulthood polluting the minds of generations with deviant lies against the Real ones. Not for war do we call ourselves warriors but it is because we are forced to fight in this war of yours and will not be compared to the colonial imperialistic ways of the clan-less rats that seep in to chew and hack at the roots of peace in the guise of the hero title, we must always beware of those ones seeking titles and power. The voices must return to the people, the paid oppressors work on every territory, reserve, etc. and we all have the power to put a stop to it. Our peacefulness is respect for our enemies and those that disrespect us because it is known that when the line is crossed we will defend with whichever necessary force it may be; mental, spiritual, emotional, or physical. This is a call to restore our ancient structures and dismantle the oppressive systems while guiding others to where their paths are, for them all to be their better selves comfortable in their own identities so we can all move together forward as one mind to heal Mother Earth and ensure there will be land, air and water all sustainable for life. Our ancestors haven us the gifts we need, the time is now to unite and reclaim our identity from everywhere it has been stolen, Nyawenkowa.

Sha'tekayenton 'Andrew' Brant - Named in ceremony at Akwesasne

Turtle Clan (by birth)

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