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Revelations of Slavery in Latin America

A new study released April 30, 2020 documents new information about the Colonial abuse endured worldwide. Not only did colonialism do it's dirty work in Scotland, Ireland, and into Africa dominating the southern hemisphere decimating traditional indigenous governance, this new information shows how the African Slave trade was conducted between Africa and Latin America.

"Having Africans in central Mexico so early during the colonial period tells us a lot about the dynamics of that time, and since they were found in this mass burial site, these individuals likely died in one of the first epidemic events in Mexico City."

Despite the infamy of the transatlantic slave trade , scientific research has yet to fully explore the history of the enslaved Africans brought into Latin America (1)

"Our phylogenetic analyses suggest that both individuals contracted their infections before they were likely forcibly brought to Mexico." (2)

"The three individuals were found within a mass grave at San José de los Naturales Royal Hospital in Mexico City, an ancient hospital site largely devoted to servicing the indigenous community...the abuse did not end their lives. “Within our osteobiographies we can tell they survived the maltreatment that they received.

Their story is one of difficulty but also strength, because although they suffered a lot, they persevered and were resistant to the changes forced upon them" (3)

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