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The White Stone Canoe Project Presents The Two Row Coffee Company

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

The White Stone Canoe Project Presents:

A solidarity cafe aimed to enlighten your mind and delight your senses with Indigenous sourced coffee that will redefine unity

Two Row Coffee Company is creating a new path to solidarity by using the foundations of peace in the original laws of the land in which we the people are all caretakers. One of the best ways to sit and understand each other is over a fresh roasted cup of coffee. The Kayanere'kowa (Guh-yuh-neh-reh-go-wuh | Great Law of Peace) is embedded in the Two Row, which will ensure that all of our products and services are ethical and beneficial to the next seven generations.

Like and share the Facebook Page to stay updated as sales will be beginning soon!

This summer marks 30 years since the Canadian Military invaded Kanehsatake. If there has ever been a time for change it is now; it is time for us all to Honour the Two Row


Sha'tekayenton Andrew Brant || Kevin Guyan

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