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White Stone Canoe Peace Project

Give access to audio, video, and written works for all to access. Knowledge is power, this will include future classes and seminars with many Indigenous knowledge keepers and Allies. This includes past and current Indigenous based topics with future weekly educational and informational video content such as "Expedition Truth, Rebuilding Society", and coming soon "Credible Wampum" on YouTube and Facebook; all content comes together, so the time is now, help launch the White Stone Canoe Peace Projects. In worldwide Unity and Peace in Truth

Expedition Truth, Rebuilding Society: Contributions go towards a model sustainable indigenous community based on indigenous ecological and traditional knowledge. The model will be documented and presented weekly premiering May 1, 2020 on the YouTube stream Expedition Truth; this is a project that will be presented overseas at an international Conference on Climate Change in Scotland, other places around the world. This part of the White Stone Canoe Peace Project

Credible Wampum: A weekly public program focusing on the relationship between the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, the wampum treaties that were made by Indigenous and settler Nations. Set to premiere June 1, 2020 donations can be made now to advance the truth. This is a White Stone Canoe Peace Project program. Nyawenkowa for your support

E-transfer donation can be made to

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