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Words Woven in Wampum

It is our responsibility as individuals to listen to the words of other Indigenous Nations everywhere. This is how we proceed with open minds as we remember the roots of our identities; to continue growing strong as the Great White Pine, the Everlasting Tree, and we have the Dust Fan Wampum Belt as an example:

This belt symbolises the Tree of Peace and is used to explain the Great Law. The Great Law includes the roles and responsibilities of the chiefs, clan mothers, faith-keepers, and the people. The tree on the belt is everlasting as it continues beyond the end of the belt foretelling the strength and longevity of the union.

The roots at the base of the Great Tree of Peace are said to be the four white roots which represent the points north, south, east and west. Following these roots other nations can find the Great Tree of Peace and seek to join the nations of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy

The belt also has other significance. This belt is used to symbolise the chiefs need for “clear” vision. The dust or issues that sometimes may cloud the vision of the chiefs. This belt wipes the dust from their eyes to see clearly.

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