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Three Sisters Garden Preperation

Language can be modified to suit other Indigenous Nations.


Course Codes Covered - Level 2, Open (NL2) - Kanyen’keha:


  • Converse on familiar topics in structured and open-ended situations;
  • Demonstrate an understanding of language structures and vocabulary in a variety of contexts;
  • ask and respond appropriately to questions in a variety of situations


Grade 9 - Biology: Sustainable Ecosystems

  • B3. Demonstrate an understanding of the dynamic nature of ecosystems, particularly in terms of ecological balance and the impact of human activity on the sustainability of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.
  • B3.1 compare and contrast biotic and abiotic characteristics of sustainable and unsustainable terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems


Student Goals:

  • Will be able to identify different types of corn, beans, and squash in both Kanyen’keha and English

  • Will understand the difference between these plants using our own language.

  • Will understand the different parts of the Three sisters Garden in Kanyen’keha and English.


Native Language/Science Lesson Overview

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