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Three Sisters garden lesson plan overview with six daily physical activities; includes colouring sheets, teacher notes, student goals, evaluation, and curriculum expectations for:

  • Grade 3 - Structures and Mechanisms, 
  • Grade 4 - Life Systems.

Three Sisters Lesson with DPA

  • Grade 3: Structures and Mechanisms

    • A3.1 describe practical applications of science and technology concepts in their home and community, and how theseapplications address real-world problems
    • D2.1 Describe a structure as a supporting framework that holds a load and has a definite size, shape, and function, andidentify structures in the natural environment and in the built environment.
    • D2.5 Identify properties of materials that need to be considered when building structures.

    Grade Four: Life Systems

    • A1.5 communicate their findings, using science and technology vocabulary and formats that are appropriate for specific audiences and purposes.
    • B2.4 demonstrate an understanding of a food web as the interconnection of multiple food chains in a natural community
    • B2.6 describe structural adaptations of a variety of plants and animals and how these adaptations allow the organisms to survive in specific habitats
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