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This resource package is designed to familiarize students with Traditional Indigenous Ecological Knowledge and answer the “who, what, where, when, and why” of Indigenous food sources. In this resource you will find items that will help students become more familiarized with the importance of corn, beans, and squash and the relationship Onkwehon:we people have with them. Students will also begin to recognize the importance of these foods on a global scale.

Three Sisters: Structures and Mechanisms

  • Strand A: STEM Skills and Connections:

    • A3.1 describe practical applications of science and technology concepts in their home and community, and how these applications address real-world problems

    Strand D: Structures and Mechanisms:


    • D1.2 Assess the environmental impact of structures built by various animals, including structures built by humans
    • D2.1 Describe a structure as a supporting framework that holds a load and has a definite size, shape, and function, and identify structures in the natural environment and in the built environment.
    • D2.5 Identify properties of materials that need to be considered when building structures.

    Other Specific Expectations; Strand C: Matter and Energy:

    • C1.1 Assess the effects of the action of forces from natural phenomena on natural and built environments, and identify ways in which human activities can reduce or enhance these effects


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