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“Indigenous Genocide: The Foundation of the Holocaust”

In our blood runs a memory of everything since before settlers landed and began colonizing the land and people. Many people throughout colonial history have been stolen from their homes, from their families, from their entire proper existence. This is an ongoing form of genocide that was created by white religious men in power to assert their power and dominance.

Before the official residential school system began operation under Sir John A MacDonald with the assistance of Egerton Ryerson there was already a boarding school system in place under the catholic church. The only reason the federal government hadn’t been supporting it yet is because it didn’t exist and so-called Canada was still an official colony of the Commonwealth. It wasn’t until 1867 when the Dominion of Canada was established paving way for different legislation, such as the Indian Act of 1876.

Within these schools there were many atrocities that took place which can be found in testimony from the survivors in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission inquiry. The stories of illegitimate babies, products of priests raping the girls, being thrown into ovens and the survivors describing the smell of burining bodies.

There are eyewitness testimony to the drowning, beating and rape of both girls and boys. The nuns would tie left dominant students' hands until they turned purple in order for them to use their right hands. Being left handed, or different, to them was the sign of the Devil or evil incarnate. When speaking, they would beat us for it, when we didn’t even know their foreign language. They taught us about God, how he was good and how we needed to obey him to get into Heaven. Apparently they only speak English in Heaven, and everyone that goes there has never murdered, raped, or stolen anything according to their commandments.

There were a lot of mixed messages coming from strange pale people in dark robes, almost like your modern day horror movie. I said this two years ago but it is worth repeating for those that may have missed it. Imagine if you will, someone coming to your home and asking for a place to stay. They are extremely sick and malnourished, their minds are heavy and some riddled with grief from losing loved ones on their journey. The fear of that time has stayed with the settler state forever.

After being able to function as a society again, the settler state witnessed biological warfare against the Indigenous peoples and anyone who was their ally. This practice continues to this day, the only difference is now they have brainwashed and manipulated so many people from their historical track record they have the ability to make a vaccine that the elite will take and the people will be too afraid and divided to take it. The division is real, and all of the fear based anti-whatever movement is steeped in settler colonial fear and fragility.

The fear and manipulation starts with the elite as well, with people like Donald Trump denouncing the vaccine and then taking it all while calling for an insurrection in the White House. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is no better and those that idolized Barack Obama need to take a look at his endorsement of Justin Trudeau and realize it’s an endorsement of genocide. A person doesn’t need to be white to be a colonizer and it would have been better off if he had said nothing at all, even though it was expected and the Bernie Sanders for Jagmeet Singh was well expected.

Regardless of who’s fucking who in the world of politics, they’re all colonizers with full intention of removing Indigenous people not only from the land but from existence entirely. It is the foundation of Canada and the United States of America, and the people that deny that are stuck in a racist bubble called nationalism, sometimes referred to as patriotism. As hard as they have tried, they have never been able to keep us from finding our way home.

In the name of God, for the benefit of the settlers and their well-being, the Feds have been practicing displacement and removal of Indigenous people, cloaking it as something good and progressive. They gave themselves the role of being like our warden, much like the prison system. Stories were told to settlers of how dangerous we were so we needed to be contained and fenced in, and in many places moved to different locations. The fences are still standing in some places such as Wikwemikong.

The removal of the children was under the guise of helping, but it was actually to kill the Indian inside the child and assimilate them into everyday Catholic settler life. The system was so effective that it became an inspiration to history’s most infamous monsters. When Heinrich Himmler learned of the American Indian Boarding Schools and Canada’s Indian Residential Schools he became infatuated and conveyed to Hitler the information he had learned who also became enthralled with the concept.

The genocide of the Indigenous People of Turtle Island was the foundation and model for the Holocaust in Nazi Germany. Himmler formed the Death Squads and built extermination camps. As overseer of the Nazi genocidal programs, Himmler directed the killing of some six million Jews, between 200,000 and 500,000 Romani people, and other victims. The total number of civilians killed by the Third Reich is estimated at eleven to fourteen million people. Most of them were Polish and Soviet citizens.

Everyone and everything finds its way home, that’s part of the reason the podcast Red Truth and White Lies was started, to see the current ongoing genocide from two points of view with guests who expose even more than anyone could handle in one sitting. That’s why we gave it a time limit and brought it down to a half hour, that’s why this one is only 20 minutes long. The truth and reality of history can be devastating to the reality of some. Hearing these facts that can be researched and found anywhere on the Internet, they needed to be gathered into one place for people to hear. Even hate finds its way home.

We saw this through the colonization of Africa, the Caribbean and the Americas that it was only a matter of time until the ugly ideologies and genocidal tactics made their way back home to Europe. Again, full cycle with the United States lending their hand and claiming victory for World War 2 regardless of their late entry, Canadian Forces actually did most of the work to liberate Europe with the help of Indigenous soldiers. The Third Reich was defeated only to have another fascist government created in its place in the Middle East, Israel; for being so holy it didn’t even exist pre WWII and has been displacing the Indigenous Palestinian people for decades since the War was over.

Anyone who points this out is deemed an anti-Semite, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is genocide is genocide regardless of who is committing it, and it isn’t the people it’s the governments. It isn’t the Jewish people who are segregating and attacking Palestinians just like it isn’t settlers doing that to the Indigenous people here. It is the government aiming at power and maintaining control through division.

If you have ever wondered why the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island stand with Palestine just take a look at land loss maps and see for yourself. With different proclamations and declarations, swipes of pens created borders in places these men had never stepped foot. This practice goes all the way back to the year 1511 when the Pope and his people decided whether the Taino people were human or not when Columbus returned and delivered his observations.

It was then when it was decided that the Indigenous peoples that had been apparently discovered, along with this new land, were not human because they didn’t have a soul. They didn’t have a soul because they didn’t believe in one God over all others like the Catholics did. The Conquistadors were formed to force the Indigenous people to transition to Christianity or die.

Later, Jacques Cartier was the man given the title of discoverer in the North after making three trips across the Atlantic between 1534 and 1542. Cartier was claiming the land for King Francis I of France. Cartier heard two captured guides speak the Mohawk word kanata, meaning “village.” It wasn’t until 67 years later in 1609 when Samuel De Champlain, another French explorer, encountered the entire Mohawk Nation in Ticonderoga. Ticonderoga is actually where I trace my lineage through my clan and family title Ayonwatha.

With this history of so-called discovery which is actually just a ledger of white supremacy through time, the settlers of Turtle Island are going to begin finding their way home, and that doesn’t mean literally. It’s figurative in that they need to either trace their roots or trace ours to the Great Peace and seek shelter. There were many who did come seek shelter, but they were not adopted into the Nation and only given asylum from the colonial entities. The ones who did wish to be adopted into the Nations would have to go through a three generation process, and when it began they had to agree to give up everything they were prior to that.

This meant any religious or spiritual practices, if someone wished to be a part of the Nation they would have to completely assimilate. Allies were always welcome and historically lived among Haudenosaunee Nations and practiced their own spiritual values. Even the Jesuit Missionaries were welcomed and given shelter, although the missionaries had ulterior motives similar to that of the Conquistadors. This assimilation idea was appropriated by the now federal governments and used as a weapon against us. This brings me back to how the global elite benefit from learning our language and traditional cultural practices. Knowing what we are connected to and respect the most is what they would attack first, and being able to do it in our language is their new weapon. Example is Indigenous and Crown Affairs Minister Marc Miller who learned the Mohawk Language only to use the foundation of knowledge to propel himself into higher positions of power within the colonial government.

What Marc Miller is doing is literally gaslighting his riding and the people of Canada, putting on the show that Justin Trudeau loves so much with the pageantry and word vomit. He has refused to answer emails and calls to CME Indigenous Media and will likely continue to do so after today’s episode. Marc Military Man Miller was at Oka and was one of the soldiers invading the Pines at Kanehsatake in 1990, we know where his loyalty is and it’s with the resource extraction, destruction of the land, and oppression of the Indigenous people of Canada.

These politicians, including the ones who only speak with Indigenous Media before elections then avoid them, are the epitome of disgrace. Their positions are so highly regarded because they are professional liars and it doesn’t matter which party they are members of. It has been said thousands of times by many people for hundreds of years, they’re two wings of the same bird flying in the same direction.

The thing with the bird is it’s always flying in circles, never a real destination going back to things familiar. In the case of the government it’s finding new ways to commit genocide and get away with it. Canada has been taken to the human rights tribunal and been found guilty more than once. They have been found guilty of genocide according to the United Nations, which ironically is also formed based on the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, and still continue to oppress, rape, and murder; none of which is an over exaggeration or euphemism. This is an ongoing fact that people need to recognize and take action upon.

How many times can a person be found guilty and walk away without consequence? The answer to that is never, and the people will always feel the full extent of the law. When a regular person who is not part of the global elite breaks the law there is a sentence handed down by a judge, in the case of Canada there has been no consequence.

The federal government is still fighting residential school survivors, many of whom were sent there by the very father of the current Canadian Prime Minister. The only reason the residential schools were closed was because an RCMP member was caught burying a body. It was only in 1997 and after that people started to learn that these institutions even existed, and even later on what the reality of them was. To this day there are people just learning that priests raped girls and boys, and the illegitimate babies were burned in furnaces in front of the other children.

When there is as much drilling, mining, and clear cutting that’s happening right now it’s clear that the spirits of our ancestors have been disturbed. Those same ancestors have been watching us, looking at what we do on a daily basis to ensure the ongoing existence of the human race. They have been waiting for the moment to challenge us all with more, because the universe only delivers the things we can handle and are meant to take care of. The universe started in Kamloops when the 215 children were discovered in a mass grave and now over 7 thousand bodies have been discovered with ongoing searches across the country, right now in Brantford at the Mohawk Institute. It happened because the universe said it was time, and that we can handle this now.

That’s where Indian Time comes from, the thought of doing things when they need to be done and not by the construct of a clock. Even the western calendar has been manipulated by white men in power to tell us where to be and when we had to be there down to the last second. This was only added to and built upon over time with the fine tuning of colonization. Everything right down to daylight savings time which was only created as a military and subsequent capitalist ideal.

Indigenous people thought it was unheard of, and still do, that one could dictate when the sun would rise and set. The age of the old white man is coming to an end and it’s time we begin to do away with the whitewash of history and start to paint it red. For thousands of years Indigenous peoples have maintained economic trade, land stewardship, practiced spirituality and had medicines and no gender barriers. It was a world of acceptance, and that was a hard pill for the colonial settlers to swallow.

Much like the explorers who apparently discovered the Americas, the current leaders are no better. They only have money on their mind and could care less about the common people who actually live on the land. They are the ones who make the choices without seeing the areas they affect, much like the creation of Israel. What’s more disgusting is how the nationalism and indoctrination begins in school with spirit weeks and then onto proms, sororities, and fraternities. All of which are steeped in white supremacist ideals.

From a young age the children of settlers are unaware there were people here before their families then go to school to learn a false history only to be slammed with reality as an adult. The school system is where the sense of entitlement comes from, and the groups are always immediately divided up. Even to this day myself and one of my black kin were at an event and noticed how we naturally migrated toward the garbage can to get out of the way.

White people are only white until they learn their true identities and find their roots, then they will ultimately realize that they are also victims of colonization. It has happened all over the world, and in a recent conversation with a follower from Germany, we were able to connect over the genocide that had happened all over the world. What a world we live in when you can connect with people over such an atrocity. That’s where our humour comes from though, I once said if I ever did stand-up that my opening line would be Genocide is no joke, but that’s exactly what we’re going to do tonight.

We would then get into the irony of Hitler’s homoerotic fantasies, how he didn’t even look like what he described as a superior race, and how he most likely had drug fuelled orgies with Himmler and Goebbels with Anita cucked in the corner. I mean if that’s your jam then own it, don’t go around putting people in gas chambers and trying to fly to space.

But as we know from our man William Shatner that space is the final frontier, and even to this day our most egotistical self absorbed white men are still trying to get to space in their dick shaped air canoes. Jeff Bezos himself could end homelessness, then there’s Elon Musk who apparently we’re mistaken about because he doesn’t actually have money, just stock options and the c**ktip enterprise.

These white men are the product of a society that props up whiteness and rewards greed. The American Dream has always only ever been for the God Fearing Christian, and even then you need to be white to get the good seats at Church. Even as they try to fly up into space and look down on the world burning below them, they will come back home. Just like those children that were stolen and taken to residential schools, just like those children taken during the 60s and millennial scoops, everyone finds their way back home.

Mohawk Turtle Clan; Ayonwatha

Kenhte:ke (Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory)

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