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Indigenous Knowledge - The Beginning is Here

Kayanere'kowa (Haudenosaunee Great Law of Peace)

With the Haudenosaunee spread far and wide across the territories, this portion of the White Stone Canoe Project will help people govern themselves appropriately based on precolonial laws and peace treaties. The time for a new beginning has been discussed and everyone has been saying the time is now, asking what should be done. It is the benefit we can all share that comes from the Great Law of Peace allowing us to just take action, within reason to creation, yourself, and others; in this way we have taken action and it will lead to the ability to reclaim our lands with our sovereignty, identity, and integrity intact and stronger than ever.

Fulfilling the Seventh Fire Prophecy

Now is the time of the Seventh Fire. By the light of the Seventh Fire come the Ogichidaag', those who would use their power and strength with wisdom and gentleness to bring harmony and balance. They will soar with wabishkie ginu', the White Eagle, bringing the wisdom of Spirit with the first light of day. They will learn of their power and strength like the gidzhii makwa' the Great Bear who holds ice and snow in the North so the Earth would not be covered with water. And they will open their mind and heart like makinaak' the turtle who offered his back upon which to build a new earth

Out of the Anishinaabe Seven Fires comes the idea of the eighth: the settler community and Aboriginal peoples must come together for harmony and justice, from Tekanawita the great Peacemaker comes the Kayanere'kowa, as the list continues with Hopi prophecies and a plethora of others calling for strength in the good mind and positive pathways.

214 Alpha has a mobile app that gives a small community everything it needs to run its own exclusive economy, with built-in governance.

This is a key portion of the project, it brings the Kayanere'kowa onto it's own platform in order to govern operations. Everything set in perspective to honour our ancestors and care for Mother Earth for the next seven generations by continuing in the three principle foundations of Peace, Power and Righteousness on the path to decolonization.

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