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Nation to Nation Diplomacy

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

A question was asked; what is the difference between indigenous led concesus and the current parliamentary system, this was my input:

True Nation to Nation Governance

Indigenous led consensus would replace all of the things removed from what is considered traditional democracy, the entire parliamentary system has been influenced by the Kayanere'kowa and Indigenous laws just as the United States has.

There are guidelines based in nature, not in emotions or feelings (including greed) which creates an open environment for freedom of self identity and integrity. Self identity and cultural values rooted in nature, essentially mimicking it, using all the tools of the great law and not picking parts out that work. It would see true nation to nation government and diplomacy.

The foundation is whole in nature. Mind, body, spirit and emotion are tended to in order to create the strong good mind to make decisions based on the greater good of creation, not the best interest of man; this is why we give our thanks to the people first, we are at the bottom as caretakers.

When seeking answers for many things, including direct action, the Kayanere'kowa holds all of the protocol and answers. When seeking to dismantle the colonial government, remember that we are able to use our own form of governance that has been effective for thousands of years.

The Three Main Principles of the Kayanere'kowa - Great Law of Peace


The soundness of mind, body and spirit will create a strong individual. Peacefulness that results when a strong mind uses its rational power to promote well-being between self, other peoples, and between nations.


The laws of the Great Law provide authority, tradition and stability if properly respected in thought and action. Power comes from the united actions of the people operating under one law, with one mind, one heart, and one body. Such power can assure that justice and healthfulness continue. People and nations need to exercise just enough power to maintain the peace and well-being of the members of the Confederacy.


Keep violence from interfering in the stability of the community, the people, clans, Chiefs, Clan Mothers and the entire nation must treat each other fairly. Such conduct will assure that political and social justice is maintained. Each individual must have a strong sense of justice, must treat people as equals and must enjoy equal protection under the Great Law. People must be willing to enforce a civil government to oversee that righteousness is enjoyed by all; must shape their own personal conduct so as not to foster resentment or hatred; and must be willing to use the power of reasonable thinking to overcome problems and arrive a mutually beneficial resolution.

All of our ancestors have come to help, now in the time where the environment is right, we rise up and make it known we are sovereign people that will no longer be treated as something that lacks a spirit. We have a duty to decolonize for the next 7 Generations and be recognised for the caretakers of creation that we are and use the knowledge that we were given to make a change. As individuals we can change anything

Kayanere'kowa, first sections:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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