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Now This, is an Inter-Tribal

Myself and other individuals from around the world, common individuals, people that feel part of different communities and groups, such as grassroots movements and beyond that, are working on facilitating the creation of a neutral and shared space where a "Movement of Movements Global Network" can be formed for the long term, a resistance network based on solidarity where all voices are safe and feel their indispensable contribution for the communities survival.

Many people nowadays are volunteering in a movement, organization, for their communities and we would like to appreciate all the work built so far towards any kind of anti-oppression and invite you to experiment the beauty of being able to share it in a safe space, solidarize and learn with local, regional and global groups.

Under the individual visions heard so far, is it understood that this space should be created since the beginning between all of us, and for this, we need your help.

Aiming on creating a space as a tool to co-create a movement of movements, that is global as well as local, and brings together diverse groups of people that wish to urgently change the system. From frontline communities like indigenous warriors, climate refugees, and vulnerable communities, to feminist, animal rights, farmers, and workers' rights movements, and all other groups fighting against oppression in different forms, we imagine an international coalition where everyone is welcome.

At the heart of this network must lie transparent and open communication, trust and community building, empowerment of the people, centering marginalized and oppressed voices, and radical inclusivity, that together create synergy and enable a new world rooted in love and appreciation for our individuals uniqueness and collective power.

With the purpose of avoiding past mistakes we have been working on creating an intersectional space since the beginning. Focusing on bringing radical inclusivity into the space and on reaching diverse communities.

So, for now, we are reaching out to people to join the idea, come together bringing what you feel passionate about and together figure out a plan to build the future that we fight today for.

We are trying to contact every person, country, movement, group or NGO, because EVERY VOICE COUNTS and we need to hear every voice, so we can create a safe, just and healthy space for everyone. Each one of us has different experiences and learning from each other is an essential key to our work as humans when envisioning a just world that protects all us equally.

Help us bring all voices together and become ONE VOICE - a stronger one. Share this message with your local groups, individuals, movements, etc. and let's build together the foundation of a better world.

Send us an email at so we can update you on next calls and meetings that we will organize.

Support the White Stone Canoe Peace Projects at:

Sha'tekayenton Brant

Mohawk Turtle Clan

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