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Ontario Geheime Staatspolizei

Updated: May 1, 2020

"As Ontario’s Independent Police Review director, I became aware of the strained relations between TBPS and Indigenous people who live in or travel to Thunder Bay from northern Indigenous communities for school, jobs or services. I raised the issue with the police chief on a number of occasions, but remained unconvinced that TBPS’s responses improved the relationship" ~…/OIPRD-BrokenTrust-Final-Accessible-E.p…

"Sonya Cywink's slain body was discovered more than two decades ago at a national historic site southwest of London, Ont. Rachel Russell was killed by a blow to the head in 2007. Her body was found on a remote railway line in the lakeside community of Cobourg, Ont. James Strang was slain in his Northern Ontario home one year later. He was 83 years old." ~…/opp-says…/article27779667/

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