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Police Surveillance of Onkwehonwe More of an Environmental Threat Than Burning Tires

The danger stemming from OPP repression of Onkwehon:we rights and treaties is a far greater threat than the environmental consequences of burning a few tires.

SIX NATIONS – Burning tires, dug up roads, burnt or appropriated construction equipment are all complaints that are being raised on social media in response to events in Six Nations. The cost of raising of the emergency alarm by Onkwehon:we is a small price to pay compared to the bill of centuries of genocide. Don’t blame the messengers.

By constantly surveilling the Onkwehon:we reclamation near Caledonia with helicopters and airplanes, the OPP are putting their own emissions being sent into the air. Whether the planes in the sky, or the OPP ground forces idling their vehicles, they are emitting even more emissions into the air (a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year).

In the case of the government land and resource grab from Onkwehonwe lands, there are hundreds of these vehicles running at once. Is it possible if the police stopped invading unceded lands and territories that CO2 emissions could go down?

This could be a reason for the carbon tax that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau imposes as he had the foresight that more money could be made because of course the Onkwehon:we will put up a fight, heavy police forces will be used, and that takes an impressive amount of oil and gas. Even more interesting is the fact that an Enbridge helicopter was also spotted over the area and documented by traffic reporter @SW_ON_TRAFFIC.

As big industries such as oil and gas are given handouts each day, right wing extremists paint the picture that these handouts go to the Onkwehon:we, whose territories are mostly on boil water advisories. In February, when rail lines across Canada were shut down in retaliation for the RCMP’s genocidal actions in unceded Wet’suwet’en territory, the same people complained that the cities wouldn’t be able to get the chemicals needed to keep their water clean.

We countered this claim by sharing images of Onkwehon:we tap water on social media. The truth was beginning to be forced into the eyes of the public and every complaint countered with a reality that many Canadians couldn’t bear to see.

Racist behaviour is becoming more and more acceptable in public and it is nothing short of repulsive, vile, and unavoidable, especially if you are a person of colour. Many excuses are made for what the Police are doing, even while they murder without consequence. Their actions show the white supremacist groups that it’s okay to arm themselves, shoot first, and say they were the victim. Their fear of becoming a minority is only scary for them, because they are afraid they will be treated the same way they have been treating people of other descents for hundreds of years.

Throughout every incident of foreign invasion by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the Ontario Provincial Police on Onkwehon:we Territory, the Canadian settler community remains ignorant to history or issue racist smears by calling Land Defenders domestic terrorists on their own land.

The truth of the matter is that Onkwehon:we defending the land does not affect the lives of those in the area they are in, they merely inconvenience them and in many cases have nothing to do with them at all other than putting the light on their history of privilege. The land developers were aware of what they were getting themselves into, and they proceeded anyway. If they did not know about the history or what the situation was behind the areas in question then they should have done their due diligence.

The blindfold tightens around the public as the Ontario Provincial Police instigate incidents around the site in Six Nations, putting women and children in danger not only from their actions but the ones of those in the surrounding area. The ones who are ignorant to the true history of this country and who’s very Parliament buildings sit on unceded land, are enforcing a law meant for the genocide of the original people of this land.

As we keep seeing opposing voices against the #LandBack efforts, the same issues they complain about are merely upholding the colonial oppression that has been happening for hundreds of years. The dollar value being broadcast of the construction equipment is meant to trigger the empathy for the person who lost it, by pushing the “what if it was yours” theory onto the public. Meanwhile the developer is worth millions and plowing through Onkwehon:we land that will not even house the very people that are entitled to it through blood.

The call for upholding the rule of law has been the same across the board for the entire Federal and Provincial governments. While in Caledonia, Ontario, Mayor Ken Hewitt told Onkwehon:we people they “can’t just step on land and claim it for themselves.” This statement is a bit rich coming from any colonial leader, but even worse when coming from one who in fact had purchased a home in the Mackenzie Meadows development and has been extremely vocal in his opposition to Land Defenders for decades.

In making these statements he is not only actively gas-lighting every single Onkwehon:we person on Turtle Island, but around the world in every country where the Indigenous peoples have been subjected to slavery, rape, murder, and torture all in the name of resource extraction and the “progress” of others.

Andrew Brant


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