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This is an opportunity for all concerning a sponsorship opportunity with The Credible Mohawk and Real People's Radio to have your business showcased. Your advertisements will also show on all Credible Mohawk blog posts and air during the show; I know that many people are on a mission with a desire to give back to the local community and that will be the continuing effort of this show.

From the social media sites, The Credible Mohawk News and Media website has grown from a blog site into the solidarity education and information source for the White Stone Canoe Project (Postcard with description centre photo)

After over 30 years of experience and 15 years on language and culture boards, training as an educator and practicing the Old Way (Kayanere'kowa - Great Law of Peace) through everyday life I have been asked to make my voice public. I began public activism with Aksotha (my grandmother) Katsitsiase Maracle, who took me to Kanatyohareke (Mohawk Valley) when I was young to begin my journey. There I was shown the path of the Peacemaker and shown the stories, rivers and falls. As I grew older, I was active in opposing the dump expansion in Greater Napanee, Ontario as well as other support roles in places such as Caledonia and Tyendinaga since.

Through using my identity as a Mohawk Turtle Clan man I have been able to make active changes such as implementing a Mohawk Student Council to mimic Nation to Nation relationships in Secondary School among other groups and councils.

Throughout years of travelling to places such as Thompson River University in Kamloops for Education conferences to Pennsylvania for Language and Culture conferences I have had the opportunity to see, and listen to amazing elders, leaders, artists, and educators.

Mixing my traditional knowledge acquired growing up with the "western" education from Trent University and Queen's University, I am on the path to spread awareness about the truth of Indigenous people and the influence that their belief systems can truly save the environment, as well as stabilise political and social infighting and infrastructure.

Through the Great Law of Peace and Humanity we can improve Turtle Island and subsequently the world by remembering who we are within the Universe. It will always be the intention to help all people understand who we are and where we come from as Haudenosaunee people. The ways of life and views of the universe are vast and diverse compared to that of the Western culture that depends so much on gain and wealth. To help better understand these things myself, I have journeyed into the world of Western Education and graduated going on to be an educator myself and found many with the same viewpoints with the next seven generations in mind; and now have begun an allied advancement on decolonization.

The way I had seen it for a long time, if for the truth to be told, I needed to get into a place that never usually tells it to begin with, the education system. This was a choice that I had made at a young age, maybe nine years old, and the ways I educate people have evolved many times over the years. Now it is a time where both Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples alike relearn their roles and responsibilities in upholding true rule of law, which is precolonial in nature; revisiting the Two Row at every turn.

Our goal is to preserve as many voices and truthful history as possible by creating a space where all can tune in to learn and are welcome to ask as many questions as possible, because the answers are endless.

You’re the first thing on someone’s mind after hearing it’s a bright and sunny day listening to words and music of change and unity in resistance. If you or your business would like to participate in this empowering and educational ongoing radio event as a sponsor, please contact me with the amount of your donation. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Sha’tekayenton Andrew Brant

The Credible Mohawk

Official Solidarity Education and Information Site for The White Stone Canoe Peace Project - Redefining Indigenous/Non-Indigenous Solidarity through the Two Row Wampum and other precolonial history and law - The Time For Change Is Now

Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory

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