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With Footage - The Imperial Raid

Updated: May 1, 2020

Above: Real People's Media Footage

Put arguments to rest about the Mohawks shutting down the track but perhaps we should go farther and correct that the tracks were never blocked. This is the perpetual abuse Indigenous people take from the media, creating the image of lawless people when in fact we are the only ones following binding agreements between our ancestors in both walks of life, treaties, pre-colonial laws. I was there from the beginning of the longest standoff as we the Mohawk stood in solidarity and Shut Down Canada. I was there to witness attempts the media took trying to discredit and demonise the indigenous people of Turtle Island, and

Greed and power are the machine that runs colonialism, and the markets don't like that everyone is only buying what they need; I was also there to witness from the very beginning the attempted infiltration of Shawn Brant, a paid informant with full intentions to dismantle the traditional government system to keep his colonial "men's council" in control - The term Mens Council was appropriated in an effort to credit himself as a Mohawk Warrior and has been working this way for decades. Check this out, no profit forecast from the authoritarian Canadian National Railway. Coverups, lies, and the Canadian Federal Government - "CN shut down its eastern network on Feb. 13, one week into a blockade by Tyendinaga Mohawk protesters that cut a key rail link east of Belleville, Ont."

Above: APTN - Aboriginal People's Television Network

Mohawk Land Defence - Personal Device Security Footage

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