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The Resistance Has Always Been Real

For thousands of years Indigenous peoples have grown, flourished, persevered, resisted, and survived to overcome not only warring pre contact and establish dominant allegiances between Sovereign Nations on Turtle Island, but with those who sought refuge from the oppression and domination they had experienced across the waters in Europe.

Through the years, progress towards peaceful living and diplomatic relations progressed through treaty agreements, which can be boiled down to what one may call a lease for the new settlers to live among us equally.

This agreement has been ratified many times over history, with Indigenous peoples reminding the settlement of their obligations to the treaties.

The settlement is something the governing bodies manipulate to their advantage in a colonial government, dividing and placing false realities in the minds of their followers; and through cultural assimilation and genocide manipulated our people into believing that indigenous governance belongs in movies and museums, not on the world stage.

Now is a call to action to regroup and smudge the pain away, rise up and form the indigenous powerhouses that we truly are with our language, culture, traditions, and government structures.

We have the tools and the timing has been given to us. We called for the ancestors to help us, and help can come in many ways. From the ashes come a people more resilient, we will be glowing red from power of ancestral knowledge and create a beginning that will suit the next 7 Generations.

Look at the signs of creation, the events, the stories and prophecy. They all have truth embedded within, because they have been passed on since time immemorial. It has only been in the past 500 plus years that we have been told otherwise, and by a people who didn't understand how it could be true.

The treaties, the ceremony, the medicine, the teachings are all real.

The resistance is real, return to your traditional governance systems and observe your identity to rise up and dismantle the system of oppression. The time is now, use your voices to bring what is Good and Just into reality.

It's time to recognize who we are and fight for our individual identities not only in the color of our skin but in culture and traditions that our humble shells possess. Retrace your roots to find the right tools to use to dismantle the oppressor and regain the recognition of sovereignty, because we never actually lost it like many believe

When people they see, will be ready.

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