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Whitestone Community 214alpha

Wake up and feel the ancestors around you! Keep updated each day! (Actually introduced the Mohawks and explained who we were, nothing more than a representative of peace and unity not a people). This is happening people; this is a White Stone Canoe Peace Project

First meeting this morning: Mohawk tribe, from Ontario, seeking to declare their own self-governance, organized by the autonomous stewardship of watersheds, embracing the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, which predates the Magna Carta in dispute resolution, and relies upon a matrilineal governance model that is still practiced to this day. Watershed by watershed, they'd build out a network of similarly autonomous, self-sufficient communities that are united as one, divided by zero. Kind of like chain mail, if you think about it. Yeah, they'd use the 214Alpha app to make it happen. First step will likely be we are calling our "farmer's market" model, which ensures local people have access to local produce, sourced from local gardens, paid for by local currency. In other words: "let's make sure our people are fed from our gardens, first." The influence of the government is waning, and the economy is in a state of peril. We are helping communities create order from the resulting chaos. Why? So they can reclaim dignity, on their terms.

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