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Copy of Email Response to Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program | Environmental Public Health Division

Indigenous Services Canada

Good morning,

I understand that you have guidelines in which you are meant to follow, but that does not make them or your decision just. Ones who marched for the third reich were also just doing their jobs, and in doing so oppressed millions. The residential school system was so admired by Himmler and Hitler that they copied them in the form of concentration camps. They marked Jewish peoples the same way Indigenous peoples here were numbered.

In doing your job, you also have a responsibility to the people that you claim to be working for. The red tape and barriers that you are setting up are oppressive and unconstitutional. There have always been major barriers preventing Indigenous peoples from surviving, from displacement and biological warfare with the Hudson Bay Company to the Residential School and Child Welfare systems from the Canadian Government.

The consistent rampage of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and other policing agencies has left our communities in a state of grief; all at the hands of the government. Our women are being stolen and sold into sex slavery, as are our little girls. Our men are taken out and left to die in the prairies while others are just shot. It is your responsibility to acknowledge this, and if you do not that in itself is a crime.

What your department is doing is preventing healing and community building, which goes directly against Truth and Reconciliation. Your actions play directly into colonialism and the plan to "starve out" the "Indians".

Going forward I demand a meeting with you and Crown Indigenous Affairs Minister Marc Miller to discuss the atrocities at play here. The barriers put up by this department are culturally genocidal, especially considering all the monies you are in possession of comes from resources taken from Indigenous Peoples. Mr. Miller is aware of our sovereignty and should be able to make time in his busy schedule for a zoom call in which we will also be including Kiara.


Sha'tekayen:ton Andrew Brant

Kenhte:ke Kanyen'keha:ka Turtle Clan



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